Work Flow

Workflow of Vector conversion

For New Customers

  1. Email us your image to be converted with your conversion requirements, instructions and turnaround time required.
  2. We will contact back you with our quote.
  3. If you are ok with the quote than we will start our conversion process.
  4. You will get your vector artwork within 24 hours in your mailbox
  5. We will email you an online secure payment request link for payment of our service.

For Existing Customer

  1. You can credit money at a time if you have large volume of conversion. It does not matter you pay before conversion or after conversion.
  2. Send us your files by email in attachments.
  3. We will not provide quote for each images as you have estimate of our cost, but if you have any complex image and want quote of conversion before we proceed, you can mention in the email.
  4. As we know your regular requirements, we will convert images and send you in your mailbox next morning.

Workflow of Web Development

  1. Email us your requirements.
  2. We analysis your requirements contact back you.